Autumn browns & creams.


This week is going to be extremely busy due to having a few shoots booked & also a few tutorials to attend. We are also getting to meet a film maker who once worked for Disney which is very exciting!
Today I decided to put together a outfit with my new pinafore dress got of Ebay. I put a blouse underneath it to make it look quite smart. Because it is quite chilly out today I also wore my trench coat for extra warmth.
Stay beautiful

Pinafore - Ebay
Blouse - Vintage
Tights - Primark
Boots - Vintage
Trench Coat - Ebay
Bag - Vintage

Heels & Sequins.


As the party season arrives the beautiful dresses appear! My first 21st Party to attend and I decided to go with a sparkly blue dress and peep toe heels. To add a little detail to my outfit I also wore a silver headband. 
Let me know what you think.

Dress - New Life
Bag - Vintage
Ring - Vintage
Headband - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Priceless Shoes

Floral Pants & Comfy Flats.


Today was a casual day so I paired up a pair of floral trousers with a laid back and floaty blouse and flats. Floral trousers are really big at the moment which I love!
What do you think about floral trousers? Yay or Nay?

Blouse - Next
Trousers - Chairty Shop
Shoes - Gucci
Bracelet - Vintage

Burgundy & Bows!


One thing I love about Autumn is being able to wear warm hats and hair accessories. I picked up this lovely knitted headband from Primark the other day and fell in Love! I love the colour its definitely one of my favorites for this season. I matched the outfit together with a simple floral skirt & blouse! Whats your favourite Autumn colours to wear? :)

Headband - Primark
Blouse - Next
Skirt - Charity Shop
Belt - Vintage
Bag - River Island
Tights - Primark
Boots - Boutique

Lady in Red.


Bonjour! I'm back at University now so its all busy busy busy with working on my FYP & Dissertation.  Hoping to get lots of work done over the up comings months.
Today's outfit I thought was quite simple. I layered my red blazer on top of a clean cut blouse and black peplum skirt.  The blazer I really think gives the outfit a pop of colour. To add shape to my outfit I added my waist belt to cinch it in. 
In the comments let me know when you are going back to school, college, uni. If you have already hows it going?
Stay Beautiful

Hat - H&M
Blazer - New Look
Blouse - Primark
Skirt - Asos
Belt - Carboot
Bracelet- Etsy
Tights - Primark
Boots - Boutique
Bag - Vintage

Music speaks all truths.

Music Suggestion!

John Newman is an incredible artist who truly sings from the heart! His songs are beautifully written and when we were lucky enough to go and see him live he sang with such passion and meaning.
Check him out!

80's revival!


First day back at University today. It was short and sweet with a hour lecture talking about our final year project. I have some ideas already in the mind which is reassuring however I will put some progress work up on here later through the year. Today's outfit really reminded me of something that would of been worn in the 80's. The pop of colour in my shirt I thought really made the outfit stand out!
So what is your favourite era?

Shirt - Vintage
Skirt - H&M
Tights - H&M
Boots - Primark
Belt - Carboot sale
Bag - Vintage
Bracelet Vintage

Haul time!

Clothing Haul 

Below are the following items I have purchased over the last week :) Let me know in the comments what you have brought lately! :)

Charity Shop purchases

White Crochet Top - New Look - £1.99

Top - Republic - £1.99

Checkered shirt - Topshop - £1.99

Jeans - Jasper Conran - £1.99
Will be turning these into shorts.
Jumper - Zara - £1.99

Jacket - Vintage - £4.00

Skirt - Topshop - £1.99


Items that are new with tags just catalogue stock

ASOS - £5.00

ASOS - £5.00

Unknown - £2.50

New Life

New Life is a warehouse that has stock from high street stores that did not sell in store. The warehouse sells the items at discount prices. check it out!

I believe this was from New Look at one time - £7.80

Carboot Sale items




Loving him was red.


(the post title is from the song Red - Taylor Swift )
Today I am attending my sisters baby shower. She is due in a few weeks which is all very exciting! Today I thought I would wear a pretty dress for the shower. This dress I fell in love with instantly! I love the colour red, it is a hot colour of the high street at the moment so I thought it would be perfect. I paired it with my cute cat shoes which many celebrities have been seen wearing and layered my denim jacket on top to add warmth!
Have an amazing weekend! 

Dress - Newlife
Jacket - Vintage
Shoes - Ebay
Bag - Vintage
Bracelet - Etsy

Gossip Girl inspiration.


It has only been recently that I have begun watching Gossip Girl. I know you're probably wondering what has taken so long however I really have no excuse. It was just one show I never started. I have just finished season one and all I can comment on is how amazing the fashion is within the show. I love how each character has their individual style. My particular favourite is Blair. Her style is so elegant and classy but also has a vintage feel to it. Today I decided to put together a outfit that is inspired by Gossip Girl. I decided to keep it classy with a blouse, skirt and blazer. I think the satchel gives it vintage feel and the blazer gives it a designer feel. Feel free to put in the comment what you think! :)

Skirt - H&M
Blouse - Charity Shop
Blazer - Charity Shop
Tights - Primark
Boots- Boutique
Bag - Vintage