Manchester Haul.


So over the weekend I took a trip to Manchester with my best friends. We did a bit of shopping while there so below are a few purchases I got. 

The begin with right by the hotel we were staying in there was a vintage fair. The prices were really good so I picked up a couple of items.


 Levi Shorts - £6
Jumper - £6




What have you brought lately? :)

Bringing Summer to Winter.


Who says you cannot wear floral and pastel colours in Winter? 

Denim Jacket - Vintage
Jumper - Vintage
Leggings - Matalan
Boots - Boutique
Bag - Vintage
Headband - PoppyDaisy

50's inspiration.


So today I thought I would make a quick post of what I am wearing today. I was inspired over the weekend with an outfit Arielle Kebbel was wearing. It was a beautiful vintage dress that she paired with a pair of heels. It looked stunning so I thought I would put together my own version. However the only thing I did have to add on was a pair of tights due to the freezing weather! 
Question of the day
Is you could of lived in any other era which one would it of been?

Dress - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Newlook

The convention life.

Insurgence 5.5

Bonjour everyone!
I am so sorry I have not posted much this week! It has been very busy in this household. However over the weekend I was lucky enough to travel back down to London for a convention. I have been to a few conventions now and every time they are amazing! This one was for The Vampire Diaries. The convention was very small with around 150 attendees making it calm and chilled out. I got down to Heathrow on the Friday where I checked into my lovely hotel and registered for the con. On the night time there was a party which was freshers/frat party themed. Because I had not brought an outfit I decided to wear my simple American styled jersey dress.
Dress - Primark
Once going to the party for a little while I decide to head up to bed as the travelling had made me exhausted!
In the morning I got up early for breakfast and ready for the first day of the con.

 Once getting into the Q&A hall we were introduced to all the guests. Altogether there were 5 guests. Once having a few questions asked it was onto the photo ops!

Once having the photos done and watching a few panels it was then onto the signings. I got all my photos signed and they all wrote lovely messages! Me and a few lovely ladies then went to a pub near by for some dinner! Once getting back we took part in a quiz in which we come 3rd. Not too bad at all! We all then went up to our rooms to get ready for the party. This theme was carnival. Once again I did not have an outfit so much a dress & mask together! :) The party was amazing and all the guests attended and had a good time!

On the Sunday I did not have much to do except watch talks and chill out with my friends. I however also had a coffee lounge with Arielle. A coffee lounge is where the guest will sit with around 15 people in a circle and ask questions. Luckily for us it was all girls in the lounge so we all had a good old girly chat! She also spoke to me about her love for vintage & was telling me about a great store in LA I should definitely visit next year. Overall the weekend was amazing. I got to spend it with so many people I love and have some great memories from it!

Catching Fire Premiere.

World Premiere of Catching Fire - London

So yesterday was probably one of the most exciting days of my life. Last week I won tickets to the world premiere of Catching Fire in London of Yahoo. Yesterday was the big day. Once getting the train down and meeting my lovely friend Alice (who traveled over from Ireland just for this) we decided to get changed and head into main London. Once getting a few essentials and meeting a couple of Alice's friends (who were also very lovely) it was time to collect our tickets. Once getting the tickets we had to wait in the queue to be let in onto the red carpet. Once on the carpet everything feels surreal, almost like its not really happening. The stars looked beautiful in their suits & gowns. The atmosphere was mind blowing. Once we had walked the carpet we got into the cinema and took out seats ready to watch the film.
I cannot even begin to describe how perfect the film was. It felt like I was reading the book again as each scene was included, even the dialogue from the books was word for word. The performances of each cast member was phenomenal and flawless.  There were many scenes that made me laugh but also many scenes that were tear worthy. I don't want to say too much about the film other than you must go and see it!!!
The night was perfect.
Below were a few snaps that were took during the night. They are not the best quality but hey ho you get the gist :)

The big 21st.

My Birthday

So today is my birthday. I woke up to banners on the windows, presents and cards and a beautiful birthday cake. It was vintage themed which was incredibly detailed and stunning. My friends and family are always very generous and too lovely to describe. I was very lucky this year as I was gifted with many wonderful things such as flowers, money, munchies and theatre tickets. Overall the day was perfect. I got to spend it with my family eating lots of cake. 
What more could a girl ask for?