Once Upon A Dream.


Bonjour everyone!
Hope you are all doing well. So over the weekend I had a busy few days. I got to look after my niece which involved watching Tangled. Perfect day If I say so myself. I also traveled over the Northampton to surprise one of my lovely convention friends Joanna's 21st birthday. We had a vintage tea party & lots of cake which was amazing. I also had my hair done YAY! which now means it is finally just one colour instead of every shade of blonde you can get. From yesterday I have began my healthy eating diet. This involves cutting out all things sweet and sugary. I did not want to start this until February due to having a mass amount of chocolate left over from Christmas  however I finally finished it all last week so decided to start. I am feeling pretty determined and decided I need a more healthy lifestyle. 
Wish me luck :)

Dress - Asda
Jacket - Boutique
Bag - Coast
Tights - Primark
Boots - River Island
Ring - Moms

Under a trillion stars we danced on top of cars.


Be who you want to be.

Dress - Primark
Belt - Peacocks
Cape - http://everything5pounds.com/
Bag - Vintage
Boots - Vintage
Lipstick - Avon

Thrifty Thrift.


Hope you have all had a wonderful week!
I'm sorry I have not posted much this month. January is a busy month for me sorting out university & life in general. I think I just needed a break and to spend some quality time with my beautiful niece, who gets more beautiful each day. Below are goodies I have purchased over the past week. All of thrifted.
Let me know what you have brought so far this month!

The beautiful vintage piece I purchased from Ebay is for a convention I am going to in Paris in June. Me & a group of friends are going to a Once Upon A Time tv show convention. We are all planning on cos-playing as some of the characters from the show, I have chosen Cinderella.
(also ignore the bright light on the image its just the sun coming through the window)

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New Year wishes.


Bonjour everyone!
Happy New Year!
 I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year. I spent it with my family and friends and it was lovely. Just a quick first post of this year. Today I had a lot of running about to do and with the cold and windy weather outside I wanted to be comfortable and warm!

Dress - River Island
Coat - ASOS
Tights - Primark
Boots - River Island
Necklace - Gift
Bag - Vintage