Summer budget lookbook.

Looks for summer on a budget

So lately I have been seeing all the new trends being promoted by stores and online. Clothes buying can be pretty expensive when the seasons are changing and new things become in fashion and on trend.  However I set myself a challenge. I wanted to create 3 summer looks for under £10 each. Now I know this may sound impossible but I am here to tell you my secrets. I have spoken before about how I shop in charity shops and how I believe you do not need to pay expensive to create stylish looks. The 70's trend is hot on the press so I wanted to get creative and style 3 looks inspired by this era. Below are the 3 final looks. I hope this post inspires you to get out there, look in the local charity shops, use your imagination and be on trend!

Kimono - £2.50
Top - £1.50
Shorts - £1.49
Shoes - £3.99
Bag - £.0.50
TOTAL - £9.98

Top - £1.50
Skirt - £3.29
Shoes - £2.99
Bag - £0.50
Necklace - £1.50
TOTAL - £9.78

Dress - £1.00
Jacket - £0.50
Shoes - £3.99
Bag - £1.99
TOTAL - £7.48

Thrift Haul.


Bonjour everyone!
So as the spring is approaching its time to start getting excited about new fashion looks!
All the stores are now changing and getting ready for the hot styles this season. For me one thing I have definitely noticed is the 70's looks are making a come back. I love the 70's boho look so with keeping this in mind I went thrifting! I haven't been thrifting in quite a while so it was due. I was really looking for some vibrant and interesting pieces to add to my wardrobe. Below are the purchases I made and the next post up will be how I styled them and how I got the looks for less than £10 each! 

£3.29                                                            £2.50
 £1.00                                                          £2.49



Just a quick outfit post because I haven't done one in a while.
Even though we are getting bits of sun here and there its still a little chilly!

Blouse - Vintage
Skirt - Primark
Coat - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Vintage
Tights - Primark
Boots - Doc Martens
Lipstick - Outlaw Kat Von D 

Vancouver, Canada week 2

Travelling Adventures

Day 8
After the first week of adventures went down a treat we still had a lot of things to see and do. This second week was going to be just as busy! Today we were heading to the Vancouver aquarium. We chose to do something indoors due to the bad rain that was to be expected all day. We met up with lovely Arianne who Alice had been speaking to online before we arrived. The aquarium was huge! The most exciting part for me was to see the whales. I had always wanted to see whales so that fact they had 2 there was awesome. Through out the day there were a lot of shows on, we did see a few of them including the whale and dolphin show. Also we watched a 4d film and a class where you could touch some of the creatures. The place itself was fascinating and to top it off we had grilled cheese sandwiches which were yum! After finishing the aquarium we said goodbye to Arianne and headed to Gas town for tea. We decided on a place called The Old Spaghetti Factory. The inside of this place was incredible! They had a train carriage in which you could eat in! We did have to wait 40 mins for a table however once being seated the food arrived quickly. The food was yummy so once full we headed back to the hotel for a jacuzzi session. 

Day 9
Early morning start due to having a very busy ahead!
We were meeting our awesome friend Larry around 12:00 so before meeting up we headed to Stanley park. Stanley park is such a beautiful place. We  basically just starting walking around the explore different areas of the park. The first place we came across was Beaver Lake. It was breathtaking to see. Photographs cannot really justify it. We carried on our walk for a little while longer taking photographs and seeing the sights. After finishing up here we got the bus back into Vancouver just in time to meet up. Larry then showed us various locations where OUAT films. It was awesome to see where all the magic happens. We started to get hungry by this point so we headed to the good old Blarney Stone for food. I had burger and chips and they were heavenly. After finishing eating we carried on our journey and stopped at the Pacific Central Station as this was where a key scene happens on the show. Not going to lie me and Alice were like kids in a candy store. Next stop was to see the studios where all in the indoor scenes are created. Also around this area was the studios for Arrow and Supernatural. After popping back to Larry's place we then headed back into the city centre for tea. We decided on a place called the Red Robin. While waiting for our table me and Alice were having an emotional breakdown due to the release of Christina Perri's music video for The Words. Thank god for wifi because we were able to watch and die over the video :') god bless. Red Robin was quite disappointing as the staff were not very helpful and the desert was frozen. Once we had finished we then headed back to the hotel.

Day 9

Today was all about seeing the beautiful sights of Vancouver. We thought we had yet to see all the beauty that was on offer. We began with a trip back to Stanley Park. After going back to Beaver Lake we then carried on the pathway and headed towards third beach. We knew third beach had been used for OUAT so we were curious to see it. After having a relaxing walk on the beach we then headed up to where the supposed town line was. Once photographing this place we debated where to head to next. We ended up deciding on going to see Lynn canyon suspension bridge. We hopped on a sea bus then another bus to the bridge. The bonus of seeing this bridge was it was free entry. It was a spectacular sight! Even though I am afraid of heights I managed to cross it. Once crossing we then followed a small walk trail towards the twin waterfalls. It was so soothing to walk round the woods not having to worry about anything and taking it all in. By this time it was getting quite late into the day so we headed back. Once off the sea bus we stayed a little longer in town. We popped into Chapters so I could get a book I really wanted then a few other shops. Once we grabbed something to eat we then headed towards the train. It was only then while we were waiting to cross the road when I looked to my side and see Sean Maguire and his wife standing next to us! Most bizarre moment haha. 

Day 10
Another day of filming!
So today was another day of filming that was taking place in main Van city so this was a very different experience. The show had closed down a whole block and set it up so it looked like New York City (they even had yellow cabs). We were moved throughout the day so we wasn't in shot however it was a lot more relaxed because obviously New York is a busy place so lots of people would be there and it wasn't so much as a worry. Even though the filming was not too interesting during the day we got to spend time with our awesome friends we had made during the trip. It was just a great day to chat and get to know everyone. Once filming had wrapped we then headed for food. Everyone fancied tacos so we headed to a place that was found via google. I'm not into hot and spicy food so I didn't have anything. I waited until everyone was finished before going Mcdonalds for good old chicken nuggets. During all these happenings I also discovered that Supernatural was filming about 10 mins up the road. Hayley is a big fan of the show so obviously we rushed up there to see what was going down. Though we did not meet anyone we did have brief hellos and waves from Jared and Jenson. They were polite and friendly enough so we were happy. Once travelling back and making sure Annamaria got to her station ok we then headed back to the hotel.

 Day 11
Today was a bit of a chill day. We took our time getting ready and heading into town. We were aware of filming taking place in Gas town so we headed on over. It was just Sean Maguire on set today so we watched for a little while before heading to The Blarney Stone for some dinner. Once eating we then headed back over to the place of filming. Though they had wrapped for a while we saw Sarah again who gave each of us a big hug and chatted for a little while. After this we headed to the train. Out next stop was to go and see a location where Arrow was apparently filming. Hayley loves this show also so we could not wait to see what was happening. We could not see much of the filming as it was indoors. The bonus to this evening though was meeting some of the cast. Each cast member was very lovely and polite! A huge bonus to our holiday as we were not expecting to see anyone from this cast.

Day 12
As this was our main last day of the holiday we had quite a few bits and bobs to do. To begin with we visited Steveston one last time. There was a sweet shop that had been closed when we had visited before so we knew we wanted to look in there. The sweet shop had all once upon a time themed goodies for sale which we all brought. After buying all our goodies we headed to a pub called The Buck and Ear. This pub has been filmed in many times so it was awesome to see! We ordered some chips and lemonade as a snack. We then visited a donut shop in which we came out with 20 mini donuts. They were amazing! After eating we looked through the little shops before heading back into main Van city. Once arriving we headed to a A&W where we ate burger and chips which were delicious. It was after eating we walked to Chapters. Earlier on in the week we found out that Evangeline Lilly was doing a book signing for her latest childrens book Squickerwonkers. We decided to purchase the book and attend the event. We queued for a while with some of the friends we had made throughout the holiday. After a while they allowed us to sit down ready for the reading & q&a before the signing. Evangeline was so so lovely & the performance she put on was incredible. Once having the story read to us and going through the questions it was time for the signing. Luckily she had decided last minute to have photographs with everyone which was so nice of her. When it was my turn to get up there she was so polite and commented on how she loved my accent. It was brief but really awesome. After everyone had got there books done we carried on to our last stop of the day. We were heading to the location where Supernatural had been filming earlier on in the week. Unfortunately when arriving we found out the boys had wrapped their scenes so rather than hang around we headed to the hotel to start packing. 

Day 13
Up early to finish packing and heading to set to say goodbye to our friends. This day went quite quickly, no sooner we had got to set we had to say bye and get to the airport. The 3 flights were extremely tiring. It was such a sad day as none of us wanted to come home. The whole experience was incredible. I loved getting to spend time with my new and old friends, seeing the beautiful sights and just having a fab time!