Hello its me

Bonjour strangers!

Now I know what you are probably thinking. Why is this girl appearing on her blog after such a long time of not posting? Well my answer to this is a little tricky. To begin with I no longer live in the UK. I am currently living in the beautiful city of Vancouver BC. This big change happened 3 weeks ago but it has taken over a year to plan and make happen. If you remember way back in January 2015 I visited here on a 2 week vacation and fell in love with the place. It was only when I got back home that the craziness began. Me and my two friends Hayley & Alice decided to all apply for a working holiday visa which allows us to live in Canada for 2 years. Both friends were accepted very quickly however I was put on a waiting list so I didn't here back until October. So this is the reason I stopped blogging in October. Between then and now I had been planning my move over, working as many hours as possible to save money & wrapping up everything at home with my friends and family. It has been a crazy few months however alas I have now settled in and wanted to sit down and write this blog post. I have already had lots of adventures so far this year which I will be sharing with you and I also have lots of hauls and fashion posts coming your way.
I hope you all tune in and enjoy seeing my adventures in beautiful Canada.

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